Game of the Month (December): Dinosaur Island

September – December 2023

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  1. For those who are not yet a registered InPlay user, register here.
  2. For those who are registered InPlay users (for GLife users, skip to 1.c.)
    1. Log-in through the member’s portal
    2. Click PLAY NOW. You may also deposit and withdraw here.
    3. Click on TPG in the SLOTS category.
    4. Play Dinosaur Island.
  3. The top 10 users who played Dinosaur Island in December 2023 will receive the following amount of free spins in Dinosaur Island:
    1st: 400 spins
    2nd: 200 spins
    3rd: 100 spins
    4th-6th: 50 spins
    7th-10th: 25 spins

    They will receive their free spins by Friday, January 5, 2024, and will be notified via SMS.

  1. Note: free spins awarded will expire in seven (7) days.

Top 10 players of Diamond Forever For October 2023

Rank Username Free Spins
2 li******83 200
3 ca******27 100
4 to******06 50
5 jb***24 50
6 re*******68 50
7 re**********ai 25
8 ma******23 25
9 av*****as 25
10 ca*****34 25

Top 10 players of 888 Fortunes For September 2023

Rank Username Free Spins
1 ca****27 400
2 to****06 200
3 ca***34 100
4 b2**26 50
5 jb*24 50
6 09*****tf 50
7 ip**en 25
8 je******ia 25
9 jj***f5 25
10 av***as 25

Progressive Free Spins

  1. Same first steps as above until 1.b.
  2. For every week starting on September 1, 2023 until December 29, 2023, each ₱100,000 pesos played across TPG slot games by a user will be rewarded by 10 free spins on the game of the month.
  3. The free spins will be given on the Friday after each week. Users will be notified via SMS.
  4. The base number of free spins, 10, will increase by one for each consecutive week that the minimum ₱100,000 gross bet in TPG slot games is achieved by the user.
  5. If the streak is broken, the base number of free spins resets to 10.
  1. Note: free spins awarded will expire in seven (7) days.

Streaks and Free Spins

for November 24-30, 2023

22 free spins per ₱100,000 TPG slots gross bet:

  • to****06

18 free spins per ₱100,000 TPG slots gross bet:

  • ca****27
  • jb*24
  • ca***34

14 free spins per ₱100,000 TPG slots gross bet:

  • sh*****57

13 free spins per ₱100,000 TPG slots gross bet:

  • pa******02
  • ma****23
  • ae****ux
  • ma********21
  • do****27

12 free spins per ₱100,000 TPG slots gross bet:

  • av***as
  • ba***********il
  • je******ia
  • jj***f5

11 free spins per ₱100,000 TPG slots gross bet:

  • am*****en
  • an******s1
  • ap******oy
  • ar*******09
  • bj********23
  • in**********ds
  • je**********at
  • ma****39
  • ro****lo
  • th******an
  • al*******te
  • su*****ly

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Deposit and Customer Eligibility: These terms and conditions apply to all new registrations and deposits made to InPlay games, which exclusively accept registrations and deposits from domestic customers within the Philippines. Customers must be at least 21 years of age to register, deposit, and place bets with InPlay. InPlay reserves the right to reject transactions involving minors.
  2. Restricted Individuals: Students of any school, college, or university in the Philippines, employees of Inter-active Entertainment Solutions Technologies, Inc., Philippine Amusement and Gaming and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), and any of its associated companies, Philippine government officials, members of the Philippine military and law enforcement agencies, are not allowed to place bets with InPlay.
  3. Compliance Responsibility: Customers are solely responsible for ensuring their compliance with the rules of the promotion before participating. InPlay games shall have absolute discretion in accepting or rejecting all or parts of player participation in any aspect of this promotion.
    Modification of
  4. Terms and Changes to Game Rules: InPlay reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions and change any of the promotion rules at any time without prior notification. Customers are encouraged to review the terms and rules of the game regularly to stay informed about any updates or changes.
  5. Prize Transferability: The prizes awarded in this competition are non-transferable, even to other TPG games. In the event that a winner chooses to decline the prize, the prize will just be deemed void.
  6. Free Spin Turnover: Any winnings gained through the free spins won from this campaign must be turned over a minimum of fifteen (15) times, and any winning users who do not meet this turnover and withdraw before meeting the turnover threshold will be flagged which may lead to the inability to participate in any future InPlay campaigns.
  7. Violation Consequences: Any violation of these terms and conditions will be taken seriously, and appropriate legal measures may be taken by InPlay to protect its interests.

Irregularities and Resolutions: Any issues or concerns that may arise can be escalated to InPlay Customer Support.

Players must be at least 21+ years old or older. Play responsibly